A Long, Hard Blog

February 4, 2011

As in “slog”, of course.   Why, what were you thinking?

I’m not feeling very “Presidential” today, Diane, so look out!

Diane is my Communications Director, aka “Handler”, in charge of keeping me in line and on message.

She tries.

So, we (remember, you are all part of this pilot) have been at this a little over a month, so it’s time to take stock.  

The site stats way that we have logged 546 “views”.   On one really big day we hit 93.    The daily average seems to run around 15.   Is that good?   I have no idea.

Speaking for myself, I’m having a hell of a good time.  

Not to nag, but no one has responded to yesterday’s contest as yet.   I know,  I know, you’re busy, it’s the end of the week, Super Bowl coming up….    Well, let me make it easy for you.    We’ll do multiple choice.   

The question:  What was Oscar Wilde referring to when he described “the unspeakable in hot pursuit of the inedible”?

a)    A family of rednecks pulling into a fried chicken franchise

b)  Sarah Palin stalking a moose

c)   Any politician seeking any high office

d) a fox hunt

Still no?   All right, a final hint:    Oscar Wilde died about 100 years ago.

That’s for this week, got a plane to catch.   Have a Super Weekend!

5 Responses to “A Long, Hard Blog”

  1. Anonymous said

    The question: What was Oscar Wilde referring to when he described “the unspeakable in hot pursuit of the inedible”?

    Answer: The English country gentleman galloping after a fox.


    • Very good. You win in a two-way tie. Would you like to pose a workplace question from “the Mad CEO”?

      PS, I think I hit the “disapprove” button by accident prior to this; hope it doesn’t interfere with this reply

      • Anonymous said

        I should like to take the opportunity to ask two questions, one of which is a light-hearted question, the other perhaps a little more serious. As I am aware that I’m only entitled to one, please feel free to answer either one or neither as you see fit.
        Let’s start with the light-hearted question first. I came across an article online entitled “Hard Questions For Microfinance: How Much Profit Is Too Much Profit?” The article begins with the following: “Microcredit is generally considered a step forward in the war against poverty. Giving small loans to impoverished people helps transform lives – read the annual report of any MFI for details. While I am a firm believer that microfinance is a good thing, does it remain ‘good’ when the people who are lending start making huge profits?” While I’m sure this is nowhere near an original question for someone in the industry and is likely something you’ve addressed many times over the years, I was interested to learn your thoughts on the topic.
        The other more weighty matter is a question of office dress and etiquette. Do you, as CEO, ever feel the need to wear yellow check trousers, red sweater and yellow check scarf when at the office, and do you ever have to speak to people in rhyming couplets?
        Thank for you for the opportunity to pose a question and I look forward to following your further adventures in blogging.

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